General Education (GE)

The General Education (GE) requirement reflects the faculty’s image of “the well-educated person.” All students have the opportunity to develop expertise in depth in their majors, minors, or a combination of these. The GE requirement adds to that depth a breadth of knowledge and experiences represented by coursework outside of the area of the student’s major. The GE requirement also trains the student in four core “literacies” that the faculty considers crucial for success in one’s profession but also crucial to thoughtful, engaged participation in the community, nation, and world.

Assessment of General Education Core Literacies occurs as part of the periodic Undergraduate Program Review process. 

General Education Core Literacies

Literacy with Words and Images

Civic and Cultural Literacy

Quantitative Literacy

  • (min. 3 units)

Scientific Literacy

  • (min. 3 units)