What do we assess?


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As a campus, we gather indirect evidence of student learning through surveys of current undergraduate students’ experience and recent recipients of baccalaureate degrees. We also collect and report on data related to graduation and retention.

Additionally, the Academic Senate Committee on General Education assesses the effectiveness of the GE program as well as student learning in designated GE courses.


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Outcomes assessment at the program level engages faculty and staff in a process of thinking critically about program educational goals for student learning; collecting, analyzing, and interpreting direct and indirect evidence; and using the results of the inquiry to inform strategic, curricular, and/or budget planning. 

Faculty analyze aggregated direct and indirect evidence of student learning aligned to internally-defined Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) as well as the Campus Goals for Student Learning.


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Assessment of course-level outcomes occurs when faculty and instructional teams gather and analyze both direct and indirect evidence of student learning to inform curricular planning and course development. For information about developing and implementing course-level assessment, please see contact the Center for Educational Effectiveness