Areas of Expertise

You're an expert in your field. 

We're experts in ours.

The UC Davis Academic Assessment Team includes staff with complementary areas of expertise. While we would never claim to know everything (that would be both rude and ridiculous), our individual and collective experiences and areas of expertise--related to assessment, teaching, and learning--are listed below. (Click on the arrow to see which members of the team have expertise.) 

Assessment and Evaluation

  • equity-centered sustainable student learning outcomes assessment practices
  • Kara, Young-A, and Ann
  • assessment policy and leadership
  • Kara
  • utilization-focused assessment and program evaluation (effectiveness, accountability)
  • Young-A
  • accreditation (program & institutional)
  • Kara, Young-A, and Ann
  • large-scale proficiency assessments
  • Young-A and Ann

Applied Educational Research in Higher Education 

  • clarifying research questions
  • Kara, Young-A, and Ann
  • instrument / test design and validation
  • Young-A (large-scale) and Ann (course- or program-level)
  • qualitative methods
  • Data collection - Kara
    Data analysis - Kara, Young-A, and Ann
  • quantitative methods
  • Data collection (e.g., survey design) - Young-A and Kara
    Data analysis - Young-A and Ann (emphasis on non-parametric statistics) 
  • interpreting inquiry results: implications for learning and teaching 
  • Kara, Young-A, and Ann

Teaching and Learning

  • post-secondary classroom teaching
  • Kara and Ann
  • curriculum development, lesson planning, and lesson plan evaluation
  • Kara and Ann
  • teacher education/coaching 
  • Kara and Ann
  • teaching culturally and linguistically diverse learners
  • Kara, Ann, and Young-A
  • service / experiential learning
  • Ann