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Inquiring about student learning in BIS2C

December 05, 2019
We're curious about student learning Partnering with faculty to inquire about student learning in courses BIS2C Exam Wrapper Study, Phase II

The Student Learning Outcomes Assessment team partnered with Joel Ledford and Geoff Benn (both of Plant Biology) to help plan Phase II of their study of students' metacognitive awareness in BIS2C. Following , a large enrollment biology course.

Dig Deeper - Data Analysis: Working with Text

October 08, 2019
Dig Deeper - Data Analysis Make Sense of Textual Data

Miles, Huberman, and Saldaña's (2014) Qualitative data analysis: A methods sourcebook is an excellent resource for making sense of data generated through qualitative methods--in particular text-based data. The resource below excerpts key concepts and terms from the chapter titled "Fundamentals of Qualitative Data Analysis" to inform efforts to make sense of textual data as part of learning outcomes assessment inquiry projects.

Dig Deeper - Data Collection: Focus Groups

October 08, 2019
Dig Deeper Data Collection–Focus Groups

CAVEAT LECTOR: This resource is intended as a brief introduction to a data collection strategy that can yield useful and actionable information about student learning. If you are interested in exploring focus group methodology in more detail, please visit SAGE Research Methods.