2021 Assessment Symposium

Help us plan the 2021 Assessment Symposium! 

2021 Assessment Symposium Faculty-Staff Advisory Committee

We are recruiting (new) members!

If you're like certain members of the A-Team, you'll need to know two things before committing to anything: How much time will it require? What will I be expected to do? See below.

  • How much time will it take?  
  • Committee members are asked to attend regular meetings, each of which will be no longer than 90 minutes. Once-a-month in April, May, & June; 
    Twice-a-month in July & August; and 
    As needed in September.

    POTENTIALLY IMPORTANT DETAIL: Meetings will be held via zoom regardless of return-to-campus status.
  • What will committee members be expected to do?
  • Help select event dates; Symposium theme; and session topics. Support recruitment efforts; and Participate in post-event debrief meeting. 

    Additional roles may include: logistical feedback / support; and/or presenter coaching.

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