Program-level Assessment Capacity Enrichment for Equity

Cultivate equity through program-level assessment

Learning outcomes assessment is one of the most powerful tools for identifying and dismantling inequities in student outcomes. If we are serious about closing equity gaps, we can’t afford to leave such a powerful tool on the shelf. 

The PACE4Equity (Program-level Assessment Capacity Enrichment for Equity) program guides faculty-led teams through a systematic, equity-oriented assessment inquiry project, the results of which can inform actions for promoting equity in student learning outcomes and program improvement. Faculty teams can move from equity theory to practice because PACE4Equity is rooted in equity principles and frameworks.

The choices we make about assessment of student learning have implications for equity. Engaging in equity-minded assessment can reveal equity gaps in our programs and suggest concrete strategies for closing those gaps.

PACE4Equity takes the guesswork out of program-level student learning outcomes assessment.

Program Details

PACE4Equity is designed to reduce the stress and confusion often associated with assessment and to assist with assessment workload as much as possible. A foundational principle of equity is clarity and transparency of expectations.

Use the linked text below to learn about the program Goals and Outcomes, as well as its Structure and Sequence.

Goals and Outcomes

Structure and Sequence

Each faculty-led team will develop and implement a project which systematically draws direct evidence of student learning from multiple courses to assess one program learning outcome. After the data are collected, the assessment team works with campus partners to synthesize and disaggregate the data into a Tableau dashboard which summarizes the extent to which students are meeting the learning outcomes and highlights potential inequities in student learning outcomes. By the end of the program, each team will write an assessment report that details their project, explains their results, and advocates for future actions that can support program improvement.

Why participate in PACE4Equity? 

Support equity and student success

  • Apply high-impact equity practices aligned to unique program contexts and constraints.
  • Ensure that ALL students have equal opportunities to learn and thrive. 

Catalyze sustainable program assessment

  • Tools, methods, and approaches developed in PACE4Equity can be replicated in future assessment work. 
  • Make program assessment a “lighter lift” for years to come.

Cultivate long-term success for students in your program

Students are the ultimate beneficiaries of the work that faculty do in PACE4Equity. From articulating expectations and examining curricula, to gathering direct evidence of learning and making informed decisions, faculty’s work in PACE4Equity directly supports students and their learning.

Faculty perspectives

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