PACE4Equity Goals & Outcomes


PACE4Equity provides:

  • Cohort- and team-based structure for support and collaboration.
  • Flipped, on-demand learning via Canvas modules.
  • Ongoing support through consultations, working sessions, project management, and support for collaborating instructors.
  • Behind-the-scenes data coordination, including to exporting learning outcomes data from Canvas and visualizing the results in Tableau.
  • Customized dashboard for analyzing and disaggregating student learning outcome achievement.

The primary goal of PACE4Equity is to build faculty capacity for participating in and leading equity-minded program-level assessment efforts.

Program Outcomes

As a result of active engagement in PACE4Equity, each team should be able to:

  1. Articulate expectations for student learning that are aligned with their program curriculum;
  2. Develop, design, and implement inquiry projects to gather evidence of student learning; and
  3. Write evidence-informed action plans for improving continuous improvement of their program.