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Writing learning outcomes

Select language that aligns with your expectations for student learning. While not the end-all, be-all, the revised Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives provides a good framework from which to get curious about the language you use to describe your expectations for student behaviors, performances, and / or habits of mind.    

Checklists, scoring guides, and rubrics (oh, my!)

A well-crafted rubric promotes equity and the development of students' metacognitive awareness. Oh, and it also can speed up the grading process while generating valid and actionable learning outcomes assessment data. The same goes for intentionally-designed checklists and scoring guides. The American Association of Colleges & Universities (AAC&U) VALUE Rubrics provide an excellent starting point for creating rubrics.

Choose the right tool for your task to ensure efficiency and equity.

Resources for assessing student learning in remote teaching contexts developed by our colleagues on the CEE Learning & Teaching Support team.