Curious Aggies

Students curious about their learning

Hey, UC Davis students! Can five minutes change the way we think about student learning?

We think so!

The Curious Aggies initiative centers around an annual student-led inquiry project which invites undergraduate students to join and inform campus conversations about how UC Davis can promote student learning and success for all students. Often, conversations among campus leaders, faculty, and staff about student learning outcomes assessment don't always include students. We want students' voices to be heard!

  • 2020 Curious Aggies Focus
  • The purpose of the 2020 Curious Aggies project was to learn how undergraduate students find out what faculty expect them to learn in courses and/or across a major’s curriculum. Our goal was to hear from as many students as possible so that students' voices are part of decision-making conversations about how to improve student learning outcomes in courses, programs, and institutionally.
  • 2021 Curious Aggies 


  • What will happen if you agree to participate?
  • If you agree to participate in this research, you will be asked to complete a brief online survey. The survey includes 5 questions, and should only take you 5 minutes to complete. At the end of the survey, you will be asked if you are willing to participate in a follow-up 30 minute interview.
  • How will we protect your identity?
  • The research team will protect your identity in the following ways. Each study participant will be assigned a unique Participant Code, which will be recorded on a master code list containing participants’ identifying information (e.g., name, student ID, email) and the Participant Code. That document will be password protected and saved on a password-protected computer. The PI will control access to the file. Only study personnel listed on this protocol will have access to the de-identified data. 

    Prior to analyses, personally identifying information (e.g., name, Kerberos, IP or email address) will be substituted with the unique code referenced above. Specifically, audio files and transcripts will only contain the Participant Code, the date of data collection, and the initials of the team member who collected the data.

    All identifiable electronic data will be maintained on an encrypted device requiring a password for access. Passwords will be protected from access and will not be shared. Electronic audio recordings and written notes from the interviews will be password-protected and stored in a shared drive behind the UC Davis firewall. Only members of the research team will have access to the data.

    In publications and/or presentations based on the data collected, participants will only be identified a unique pseudonym, major, and year in school. If participants belong to a major that has fewer than 100 students, they will only be identified by their undergraduate college rather than their major.

This project has been approved by the UC Davis Institutional Review Board (1531902-1). For more information, see the Study Information Sheet (PDF) below.