What does assessment (even) have to do with equity? About this session: 

In this keynote address, Dr. Jankowski will frame assessment as an essential mechanism which supports faculty and students in the teaching and learning process. Together, we will explore the intersections between assessment and equity; consider culturally-responsive assessment and its powerful consequences for our increasingly diverse student populations; and come to understand why equitable assessment matters in higher education.

Curious Aggies

Centering Undergraduate Voices

Curious Aggies is a research initiative that encourages students to share their experiences as learners in order to include students’ voices in conversations about how their learning is assessed. We believe that student-led research is important because it ensures that data about students is analyzed by students. Student-led research makes it possible for undergraduates to contribute to create change that will benefit our learning.

Design Step 4: Plan for Equity and Consistency

How do we ensure equity and consistency?

Assessment is a powerful tool for promoting equity, fairness, and consistency. Following are strategies for reducing bias and error in when reviewing student work for program outcomes assessment purposes (adapted from Suskie, 2018).