Assessment process

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Get curious about the assessment cycle

Learning outcomes assessment is a cyclically recurring process

The image includes six watercolor splashes arranged in a cycle. Each splash includes text naming the stage in the cycle: 1) articulate expectations; 2) analyze curriculum; 3) design inquiry; 4) collect evidence; 5) analyze & interrogate results; 6) act

Situate the inquiry by articulating goals for student learning and ensuring that your goals inform and are aligned to the curriculum. These preparatory steps should be revisited prior to each subsequent cycle.

Design the inquiry that will yield the evidence you need. Collect the evidence of student learning you need to answer the questions that matter. Analyze and interrogate the results for equity. Act to improve student learning. Then start again. 

NOTE: The focus of this website is providing clear guidance for faculty who are curious about student learning in their courses or programs. Luckily (well, it's not really luck, but you get the drift), the assessment practices described here align with expectations articulated by the UC Davis Academic Senate Undergraduate Council and the assessment expectations in the undergraduate program self-review process