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Heather J. Hether Talks About Assessment

April 03, 2020
Understand what students are learning

Heather J. Hether, Associate Professor of Teaching Communication, explains how clarifying and communicating her goals for student learning supports students and provides her valuable and actionable information about student achievement in her courses.

Curious Aggies

Hey, UC Davis students! Can five minutes change the way we think about student learning? We think so!

The Curious Aggies project is a student-led inquiry project which invites undergraduate students to join and inform campus conversations about how UC Davis can promote student learning and success for all students. Often, conversations among campus leaders, faculty, and staff about student learning outcomes assessment don't always include students.

Articulate Goals for Student Learning

What do you expect students to learn? Articulate goals for student learning 

The process of developing learning outcomes invites faculty to reflect on, and then translate, that embodied disciplinary knowledge into clear expectations for students in their majors. We wouldn't want to leave something as important as student learning and success to guesswork.  


Effective Goals for Learning: