African American and African Studies

Program Learning Outcomes

African American and African Studies

Foundational Knowledge(s). Students will demonstrate an understanding of the foundation of the discipline of AAAS for subsequent study of the African American & African experience. This material includes, but is not limited to: important dates, periods, geography, and contexts; significant figures; intellectual, artistic and political movements, etc. They will be able to distinguish between primary and secondary sources. 

Critical Thinking, Analysis, and Research Methods. Students will demonstrate analytic, interpretive, and critical thinking skills. Students will be able to develop a coherent and appropriate thesis and be able to identify and select the scholarship most relevant to their thesis. They will be able to clearly delineate their own reasoning and conclusions from source material and, consequently, correctly cite secondary sources. 

Communication Skills. Students demonstrate the ability to develop and sustain a polished written and or oral argument. They will be able demonstrate the ability to listen, comprehend and respond to written or oral arguments, as well as to arguments made using visual media. 

Comparative Frameworks. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the cultural, political, economic and historical factors of more than one African Diasporic society and be able to draw comparisons between them.

reviewed: 2017