Even more questions

(caveat: meta-level questions ahead) 

  • Why is it important for students to study our discipline? How do we want our program to prepare them for, or enrich, their lives after graduation? What do we value most about our discipline? What does our disciplinary association think are the most important things that students should learn? Why are those things important? (adapted from Suskie, 2018). 
  • What do we want our students to learn in the limited time available? How does one plan and deliver instruction so that it yields high-level of learning for all students? How does one select assessment instruments that provide accurate information about what our students have learned? How do we ensure that our goals, instructional activities, and assessment instruments are aligned with one another? (adapted from Anderson, et al., 2001)
  • What is the value of the learning activities we create for our students? How do we determine and demonstrate that value? (adapted from Jankowski & Marshall, 2017).