Entomology - Alignment of Curriculum and Objectives

Entomology Alignment between Courses and Program Learning Objectives

In this alignment document, we show how required elements of our curriculum meet each objective, with a minimum of one course listed in support of each. We note that most of the Entomology courses that are not listed also support several of these objectives, such that the learning outcomes will be reinforced as students take the required number of elective courses. 

Align Goals & Opportunities-to-Learn

  • Curriculum alignment is the process that (ideally) results in an aligned curriculum.​
  • Curriculum mapping is the process that results in a curriculum map.​
When and how often do you provide students with opportunities to demonstrate their learning? Curriculum mapping as an equity-centered practice

We "need to consider how curricula are structured to advance student learning and how courses within curricula are linked to help students make connections, transfer learning, and reach the goals we set for them in learning outcomes" (Jankowski & Ma