Program-level Assessment Capacity Enrichment for Equity

Program overview

Program-level Assessment Capacity Enrichment for Equity (PACE4Equity) is a hybrid coaching program intentionally designed to build faculty capacity for participating in and leading equity-minded program-level assessment efforts.

Program details

Through PACE4Equity, faculty-led teams learn key concepts in assessment and receive support from the Academic Assessment team for designing, implementing, and deriving findings from an assessment-related inquiry project. The culminating document is an evidence-based action plan, which can be included in the student assessment section of undergraduate program review self-study narratives.

Benefits of participation

Participating in PACE4Equity benefits programs in several ways.

Build capacity

Program-level assessment of student learning outcomes is a complex activity that requires collaboration and teamwork. PACE4Equity guides teams through an entire cycle of program-level assessment of student learning outcomes, through which participants enhance their knowledge and skills needed to participate in and lead future program-level assessment efforts.

Align to campus expectations

The program-level assessment activities undertaken by PACE4Equity teams align to expectations for undergraduate program review self-study reports. When timed intentionally, participating in PACE4Equity yields much of the content required in the assessment section of the program review template.  

Promote equity

The choices we make about program-level assessment of student learning have implications for equity. When we clearly articulate expectations for student learning (through strong Learning Outcomes statements), we demonstrate our commitment to ensuring that all of our students have equitable opportunities to learn and demonstrate their learning. Equity-minded assessment can also reveal equity gaps at work in our programs and suggest concrete strategies for closing those gaps.

Faculty perspectives

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