Assessment in Action

Inquiring about student learning in BIS2C

December 05, 2019
We're curious about student learning Partnering with faculty to inquire about student learning in courses BIS2C Exam Wrapper Study, Phase II

The Student Learning Outcomes Assessment team partnered with Joel Ledford and Geoff Benn (both of Plant Biology) to help plan Phase II of their study of students' metacognitive awareness in BIS2C. Following , a large enrollment biology course.

2019 Learning Outcomes Inventory

April 28, 2019

On behalf of the campus Accreditation Liaison Officer, we are currently gathering information about how UC Davis programs assess student learning outcomes as part of our 2019 Mid-Cycle Review with WSCUC. The questions provided to undergraduate program chairs and vice-chairs are linked here: 2019-Condensed-UGQs.pdf. (Similar questions were distributed to graduate program representatives.)

Getting Curious about Teaching (link)

January 09, 2019
2019 is the Year of Reflective Teaching at UC Davis!

To support faculty in getting curious about their teaching, the Center for Educational Effectiveness (CEE) is giving away journals in which to capture insights about teaching. 

2017 Program Assessment Outcomes Showcase

June 13, 2018

On March 17, 2017, the Office of Undergraduate Education hosted the first annual Program Outcomes Assessment Showcase to celebrate the growing campus engagement in sustainable learning outcomes assessment practices in UC Davis undergraduate academic programs. Faculty from undergraduate academic programs UIPR cluster 3 shared their successes, challenges, and lessons learned as trailblazers in integrating direct assessment of student learning into the Undergraduate Program Self-Review process. For most of these programs, this represented the results of the first year of program-wide

"Yeah, that's a B+ paper": Evaluating student writing before rubrics

June 13, 2018
"Yeah, that's a B+ paper": Evaluating student writing before rubrics

Noah Guynn, Chair of the Department of French and Italian shares his epiphany about rubrics, which he experienced while teaching Global Humanities Forum (HUM 2A), which had an enrollment of 200 students.

Assessing Writing in English 10

June 13, 2018
English 10 Assessment Pilot: Results

Authored by former Assessment Analyst Tiffany Johnson, this report describes part of a multi-year effort undertaken by the Department of English to develop sustainable outcomes assessment practices to inform curricular, budget, and strategic planning efforts, as well as program self-study processes.