Assessment Symposium

Session 1 - September 22

How do UC Davis students find out what they're expected to learn? (You might be surprised!) About this session: 

Join the UC Davis Academic Assessment Team to explore the findings from a student-driven research project conducted in winter and spring quarters (2020), which asked “How do UC Davis students find out what they are expected to learn?” We will discuss why that question matters and share concrete strategies from our analyses that faculty can use to promote equity in their courses -- even before the course starts!


What does assessment (even) have to do with equity? About this session: 

In this keynote address, Dr. Jankowski will frame assessment as an essential mechanism which supports faculty and students in the teaching and learning process. Together, we will explore the intersections between assessment and equity; consider culturally-responsive assessment and its powerful consequences for our increasingly diverse student populations; and come to understand why equitable assessment matters in higher education.